Limitation of Liability
ECS Express Courier Solutions is liable for a shipment only on submission of proof
of delivery on ECS's form that is properly executed and completed by Client. Without
an ECS form, there can be no verification of the contents of a shipment and that it
was picked up. ECS may, at it's option inspect the shipment package. ECS may, at its
option, reject a shipment.

If ECS is unable to locate and deliver any shipment, ECS is not liable for a sum in
excess of $100.00 per shipment unless a higher value is declared and an additional
charge is paid. If reconstruction of the shipment by Client is possible, there is no

There shall be no liability for:

  1. Direct, special, consequential or incidental damages in excess of the specified
    declared values regardless of the actual knowledge of ECS. These excluded
    referenced damages specifically, but not exclusively, include losses resulting
    from late deliveries, negligence, losses of profits, additional expenses related
    to missing, damaged or incomplete shipments, and losses of property.
  2. Damages in excess of $100.00 regardless of the declared value, as that is the
    highest declared value that is allowed under this Agreement.
  3. Loss of valuables(e.g., currency, money, negotiable instruments, securities,
    notes, firearms, stones, jewelry, equipment, personal effects, accounts, bills
    and debt instruments).
  4. Losses caused by events that are not controllable by ECS, which specifically
    but not exclusively, include an act of God, war, insurrection, terrorism, strikes,
    weather conditions, traffic congestion, or act of public authorities.
  5. Missing property when a shipment is received and delivered in the same
    condition (such as seals intact or unopened).
  6. Acts, losses, and/or damages by Client, the recipient or third parties that
    occur prior to or after possession by ECS, which specifically, but not
    exclusively, include placement of different contents in the package than the
    POD specifies, wrong addresses or instructions, improper and/or insufficient
    packing or labeling.
  7. Damage to accepted deliveries.
  8. Acts or omissions of Client or those of recipient or third party with an interest
    in the shipment, which specifically, but not exclusively, include improper or
    insufficient packing, securing, marking or addressing.
  9. Client must make all claims in writing and notify ECS within twenty-four (24)
    hours. Client must at that time give ECS all information available regarding
    the claim (this includes making the shipping cartons and packing material
    available for inspection) and supplement that information as it becomes
  10. By requesting ECS services, Client accepts that shipments made with and
    services provided by ECS Express Courier Solutions, Inc are subject to and
    controlled by the above terms and conditions.